Sorry for not getting to this sooner Ersin.  Let me try to reply to it in line ...

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When I had tried to add new schema elements on on the fly using the
new mechanism I had faced a situation when I wanted to add some new
entities into a "new schema". I mean I wanted to see a new container
under ou=schema. When I added a new objectClass targetting my new
schema, the system complained about the absense of
ou=objectClasses,cn=<new schema>,ou=schema. So firstly I created a
schema container (right jargon?) under ou=schema and then created my
entries on the fly targetting that new schema. I thought that having a
template schema container for such tasks would be good so taht I could
easily copy/paste it with LDAP Studio and fill my new schema entities
in. I prepared such a template and it's also attached to this mail. It
might be good to have this template out-of-the-box also. WDYT?

Yeah this is a problem sorry about it.  Essentially we need to create all the
empty containers for the new schema entry when that schema entry is
added even before actual schema entities like objectClasses are added.

Let me open a JIRA now on this and start working it after some things on my