I feel the same way.  However it will take some time for this list of requirements that
Enrique posted a link to to be completed.  So while John and Enrique work on that we can
continue to add as many features as possible.  Then when ready we can talk about what
the effort will take and re-evaluate.  Does this sound reasonable?


On 5/7/07, Chris Custine <> wro So I think we may still be able
to merge efforts as things mature while continuing to add to the features of Apache
I think this depends on the roadmap features and whether OSGi will be of benefit in implementing them in the short term.  In the long term, I think modularizing with OSGi will be a great benefit to ApacheDS.  In the short term, I think it might be somewhat of a distraction and require too many major changes all at one time.  I think it could be done this way, but I think my personal opinion of it would be to implement a new round of features first and then work on OSGi after the first round...


On 5/5/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:

I know that the subject seems to be totally unrelated to ADS? but as a
matter of fact, we have a dependency on this project, for ADS to be

It leads to a problem for us as felix has exited the incubator
yesturday, and for those who have tried to svn up their current trunks,
it generates a failure.

It has now been fixed.

Now, we have discussed a lot about moving to OSGi, and it might be the
perfect timing to think again about moving to it.

wdyt ?