This is not a question of the use of a full filter verses just an X.500 refinement.  I think
Pierre and I both know that you changed the refinement to be a full LDAP filter.  However
Pierre had thought that the refinement filter did not apply to subtreeSpecifications on
ACI subentries. 

Pierre can you chime in with what was your understanding so we can clarify everything?


On 5/2/07, Ersin Er <> wrote:

May be there is some confusion. subtreeSpecifications allow both
refinements and full LDAP filters (1.5+) as the value of
specificationFilter element.

Any pb here?

On 5/2/07, Alex Karasulu <> wrote:
> Ersin, Pam,
> I was talking to Pam who is working on a wizard for generating
> subtreeSpecifications and
> he told me that the refinement was not applicable to use with a
> subtreeSpecification of a
> ACI subentry.  Is this the case?  I thought a refinement was applicable to
> all aspects that
> are managed by the administrative model.
> Alex