Hi Boris,

Thanks for taking the time to review this testing release.

Happy to hear that both issues are fixed. I'm going to close them and I think we can now close the vote and release 0.8.0.



On 5/1/07, Kock, Boris <boris.kock@logicacmg.com> wrote:

The new version of the LDAP browser 0.8.0 solves problems DIRSTUDIO-71 and DIRSTUDIO-74 for me.

1. The created shortcuts now take care that the program is looking into the correct workspace under windows. So created connections and preferences are now available across restarts.

2. The empty naming context string in the rootDSE is no longer a problem. The fetch Base DN option now returns the DNs.

So really good work! Time to throw my other LDAP browsers out of the window(s).

Best regards,



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        Sent: vrijdag 27 april 2007 11:54
        To: Apache Directory Developers List
        Cc: lehphyro@gmail.com; Kock, Boris
        Subject: Release LDAP Studio 0.8.0 ?

        Hi Directory developers,

        LDAP Studio 0.7.0 has been released a month ago. It has been a really great release that has been downloaded more than 2500 times from the stats we have on the webiste (which does not include the update site itself).
        We're getting more and more users to know LDAP Studio and also great reviews and very important bug reports from these users.

        We think that it is the good timing to release LDAP Studio 0.8.0 (according to the work that has been done, and Apache Con Europe approaching).

        This release fixes some crucial bugs in LDAP Browser Plugin and the Schemas Editor Plugin.
        This release also features two new plugins exclusively intended to be used with Apache Directory:
            - the ACI Item Editor Plugin, that makes it easy to edit ACIs on ADS.
            - the Apache DS Configuration Plugin, that allow ADS users to graphically edit the configuration of their server.

        Here are the Release Notes for Apache Directory LDAP Studio 0.8.0:
        [DIRSTUDIO-71] - LDAP Studio installer creates bad shortcuts
        [DIRSTUDIO-74] - empty DN does not work
        [DIRSTUDIO-82] - Export to XLS or CSV
        [DIRSTUDIO-83] - Generated LDIF of a schema doesn't support the m-dependencies attribute
        [DIRSTUDIO-84] - Binding with a bad DN is accepted
        [DIRSTUDIO-86] - No way to specify search on rootDSE in search dialog
        [DIRSTUDIO-88] - Schema export to Apache DS has a spelling error which causes the import to fail.

        [DIRSTUDIO-78] - Refactor browser-ui plugin

        New Feature
        [DIRSTUDIO-12] - Editor for editing ACIs
        [DIRSTUDIO-76] - Value editor for administrativeRole
        [DIRSTUDIO-79] - Value editor for subtreeSpecification
        [DIRSTUDIO-91] - Add a new plugin for handling the Apache DS server configuration file

        Stefan Seelmann has prepared all the packages for Mac OS X, Linux i386, Linux PPC and Windows (Many thanks, Stefan). They are available at this address : http://people.apache.org/~seelmann/ldapstudio_0.8.0/ <http://people.apache.org/%7Eseelmann/ldapstudio_0.8.0/>

        Let's vote now:
        [ ] +1 Release LDAP Studio 0.8.0
        [ ] +/-0 Abstain
        [ ] -1 Do not release LDAP Studio 0.8.0

        Best regards,


        I've CC'd Leandro de Oliveira and Boris Kock to this mail. It would be cool, guys, if you could confirm that DIRSTUDIO-71 < https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DIRSTUDIO-71>  is correctly resolved with the new Windows installer. Thanks. <mailto: boris.kock@logicacmg.com>

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