The reason it is down is that I was setting up the build server to authenticate against Apache Directory and the product has a bug so it didn't work...  I will get it set up properly this morning so that you can see it.

On the subject of Bamboo, I think it would be a better solution if we had our own installation that we could manage.  Teamcity is not perfect by any means either.  In addition, there is Zutubi Pulse which offers licenses to open source projects.  One question that comes to mind is, are we allowed to acquire these licenses and get someone to run them on Apache hardware?  Or will we be installing these and running them externally if the solution isn't something that infra has in place?

I can think of at least 5 build server products that I have used in the last 2 years that we can probably get licenses for, not on ein particular stands out of the crowd so we may just have to make due with the one that doesn't suck really bad  :-)


On 5/8/07, Alex Karasulu <> wrote:
That's great Chris.  I think I've had it with Bamboo so we definitely need something.  BTW I tried the URL and did not have a password.  Perhaps you can send the password to the private@d.a.o list for users?


On 5/7/07, Chris Custine <> wrote:
I have a license for Jetbrains Teamcity build server and I am evaluating it with the Apache Directory Server svn code if anyone wants to check it out at the URL below.  The CI build checks for SVN commits and builds on every commit and runs Unit tests.  The Nightly Integration Tests build does a fresh checkout and runs integration-test every night at Midnight in my timezone.

There is an HTML snippet that we can put into a confluence page to show a public status of the builds as well if I can get write perms to one of the Directory confluence spaces.