I believe I have a CLA on file from working on the Felix project, but I will fax another one just for good measure.  Either way its not a problem for me to wait a few days.


On 5/7/07, Christine Koppelt <christine.koppelt@googlemail.com> wrote:
Hi Chris,

i'm sorry, but after a short discussion with Emmanuel i decide to
revoke the permissions until you have signed a CLA. Not that we don't
trust you, but we should not break the rules.


2007/5/7, Christine Koppelt <christine.koppelt@googlemail.com>:
> Chris, you have now access to DIRxSBOX and DIRxDEV.
> Ersin, could you check the permisions for DIRxINTEROP?
> Perhaps we could create another, public writeable space and link it
> from the frontpage of our website, WDYT?
> Christine
> 2007/5/7, Chris Custine < chris.custine@gmail.com>:
> > It looks like all of the Directory spaces in Confluence are locked down
> > except for the interop space.  Is it possible to get access opened up to
> > DIRxSBOX or DIRxDEV?  What I want to do is add some content that shows build
> > status from a build server that I have set up as an evaluation of Jetbrains
> > Teamcity so that we can test it out.
> >
> > Chris
> >