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From "Alex Karasulu" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Policy for Managing TLP POM
Date Wed, 23 May 2007 16:26:08 GMT
Hi Chris,

On 5/23/07, Chris Custine <> wrote:
> I fall into the "dazed and confused" camp at the moment so I need to do
> some more reading to fully understand.  One part in particular that I don't
> understand is this line:
> "This causes it's misuse to facilitate building ApacheDS and all it's
> dependencies in one big build. This must stop because this usage makes it
> inconvenient to use for building other projects like Triplesec and LDAP
> Studio once it moves to Maven."
The point I was trying to make here (unclearly tho) was that the TLP pom is
being used more so for a parent of the ApacheDS project and to build it.
This is resulting in problems like the copies of this file being in
different places and we're adding things into this TLP pom for ApacheDS
build specifics of which the modules section is one part.

I actually LIKE it this way  :-)  I don't think this actually causes any
> harm anyway, because if you build a project that references this pom as a
> parent, the modules section is ignored IIRC.  Are you talking about some
> other issue with the parent pom?

Well yes if your subproject defines it's own modules section this is not a
problem because it is overridden.  However this pom is being used to build
ApacheDS with its dependent projects and in addition to having an ApacheDS
modules section there are other elements that are geared more towards the
ADS build.  I want to stop doing this and keep the TLP pom subproject
agnostic.  To do so we just need to stop using it for doing ADS builds with
all it's deps while using this POM.  We can use another pom with the proper
modules section to trigger the build with the deps in those SVN folder with
the externals directives that pull in all the needed deps for ADS.  Here
take a look at this example here:

This pom is located here:

It is not the TLP POM nor the parent pom referenced by the subprojects
pulled in via the externals defined in this folder.  It is just there to
trigger the build of ADS with it's dependencies by having the proper modules
section in it.  This way we do not mess with the TLP POM and cause it to
change nor do we have ADS specific build directives in it.  Is this a little
more clear?  Sorry about being ambiguous before.


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