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From "Trustin Lee" <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] Cost of interceptors
Date Tue, 29 May 2007 02:26:39 GMT
Hi Ersin,

On 5/28/07, Ersin Er <> wrote:
> Well, I am talking about an interceptor chain in a chain.
> Int1 -> Int2 -> Int3(Int3.1 -> Int3.2 -> Int3.3) -> Int4 - > Int5
> If Int3 is enabled all Int3.x will be executed. If Int3 is disabled,
> the executed will just be forwarded to Int4, not Int3.1. This is
> because the Kerberos service can be enabled or disabled at all. BTW,
> if Kerberos service is enabled and it's desired to disable a
> subservice of it, it's still possible. Int3.x can only know about
> other Int3.x if needed. Int3 is a blackbox, it is just a regular
> interceptor to the outer world. It has a registration mechanism, as
> just Interceptors have, which can again register Interceptor. Well, I
> think Int3 implements two interfaces: InterceptorChain and
> Interceptor.

We need to ask ourselves before providing such a composite
interceptor; Is each element of the composite interceptor useful
independently?  If not, why do we need to implement each sub-logic as
an interceptor?  Can't we just implement it as a POJO and use it as a
utility from an interceptor that assembles the sub logic?  Adding a
composite interceptor feature will cause complexity to the interceptor
architecture so we need to be careful.  Of course, adding it is not a
problem at all once we have a concrete use case.

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