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From "Enrique Rodriguez" <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] Refactoring out the Configuration bean from core (was: svn commit: r542072)
Date Tue, 29 May 2007 03:20:09 GMT
On 5/28/07, Enrique Rodriguez <> wrote:
> ...
> 1)  In about 4 hrs. (~11pm EST) I'm going to do a set of commits to
> break the deps between kerberos-shared, protocol-shared, and the core.
>  I expect to move quickly through the commits, but it could mean a
> window where the trunk doesn't compile.  Note, this will NOT include
> the move of kerberos-shared and protocol-shared to the shared
> subproject.

OK, this is done.  Check out the deps for protocol-shared.

> 2)  Also, I'm going to move the 4 new interceptors into a 'kerberos'
> package in core.  I can see these interceptors growing into 3 separate
> packages, for kerberos keys, password policy, and multi-realm, but for
> now I just want to get this dep situation cleared-up so I'm going to
> move them into 1 package.

I moved KeyDerivationService and PasswordPolicyService but not
KeyExportService nor CatalogService.  I'll keep working on them and
get them in later this week.


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