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From "Enrique Rodriguez" <>
Subject [ApacheDS] [SASL] SASL branch merge plan
Date Wed, 23 May 2007 23:21:33 GMT
Hi, Directory developers,

I have the latest code from trunk (which now includes the former
'kerberos-encryption-types' branch) merged into
'apacheds-sasl-branch'.  After correcting some basic conflicts and
resolving some compilation failures due to the new encryption types, I
now have the SASL branch building.  I had to make a change to the SASL
GSSAPI test due to the encryption types and now the integration tests
in server-unit pass.  Once the entire branch completes a -Dintegration
build I'll commit the SASL branch and then hold it open for a final
review before a merge to trunk.

So, if the timing is good for everyone, I will:

1)  Commit the feature branch maintenance merge to
'apacheds-sasl-branch' once the integration tests complete (~8pm EST).
 I'd like you guys to look over ServerContextFactory in particular.
There were some changes (by Emm, I believe) and the new configuration
so SCF was a bit of a hot-spot for conflicts.

2)  Merge one last time so 'apacheds-sasl-branch' is identical to
trunk.  There were some minor updates in the last day or so.

3)  Perform the final merge of everything back to trunk tonight.


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