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From "Ceren KOKSAL" <>
Subject Re: Using Apache ds in a web application - user names, passwords
Date Wed, 23 May 2007 11:10:10 GMT
Hi StefanZ

I tried with the build.xml  you attached, after adjusting the paths.But it
didn't work.Could you please send me the names of jar files that you used(a
screen shot of lib directory of  the project, if possible)?
I'll check the jars.

On 5/23/07, Stefan Zoerner <> wrote:
> Ceren KOKSAL wrote:
> > I tried the example with apacheds-1.0.0 , it has worked:)
> > While building, build.xml copies jars from apacheds-1.0.0.
> Thanks Ceren, This is great news!
> > So when I try to run the example, it connects apacheds-1.0.0. How I will
> > obtain it to connect apacheds-1.5.0?
> > I looked at the code but I couldn't see anything about the apacheds
> > path.I think example connects to the apacheds version whom jars are used
> > while building the example.Is it like that?And what must I do:) Can
> > there be any problem with the apacheds-1.5.0 's jars?
> The interesting thing is, that the servlet connects to the ApacheDS,
> which is *embedded* in the WebApp. The listener code starts and stops
> it. Therefore the servlet connects to the version which is included in
> the libs, the 1.0.1 in case of
> Your problem has something to do with the build.xml, which copies the
> relevant jars to the webapp in target "copyApacheDsLibs". There is a
> difference in between what is needed in 1.0 and 1.5.
> For instance, the apacheds-schema-*.jar files are currently not copied
> in the build.xml, which causes the problem.
> It is now working in my env with 1.5, but I had to modify the build.xml
> for ApacheDS 1.5. Find the one I used attached. Please let us know,
> whether it works (you have to adjust paths to apacheds and tomcat).
> We have to create another version of this page for the 1.5 documentation
> I'll create a JIRA for that.
> I hope that helps, Greetings,
>     Stefan

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