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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] 2 class files moves
Date Wed, 30 May 2007 07:05:36 GMT
Enrique Rodriguez a écrit :

> Hi, Directory developers,
> I'd like to make 2 moves of classes:
> 1)  In 'server-unit' I'd like to move AbstractServerTriggerServiceTest
> from src/test/java to src/main/java.  The issue is that the test
> classes don't get packaged into jar artifacts so if you want to use an
> abstract test outside of server-unit you can't.  This is likely why
> AbstractServerTest is is src/main/java.

I think it's something we should do, unless there are some tricky 
reasons I'm not aware of to keep this class in src/test. I see an 
immediate advantage from this move : users will be able to create their 
own tests using the standard JAR (we have suffered lately from the lack 
of this class when writing the tutorial about embedding ADS in JUNIT tests)

So you have my +1, but I would like ALex to confirm it.

> 2)  In 'protocol-shared' there are 2 classes for loading LDIFs,
> LdifFileLoader and LdifLoadFilter.  I believe these were in
> protocol-shared to address a dependency on kerberos-shared.  However,
> there is no longer a dep on kerberos-shared, so these classes should
> be moved to shared-ldap's ''
> package, to be alongside a bunch of other LDIF code.  These 2 classes
> are used by core, namely ServerContextFactory and
> StartupConfiguration.

If the dependency is away, yes, let's use whatever class does the same 
job in shared/ldap, or add them into shared/ldap. I'm pretty sure there 
are already existing (not checked though).

> There appears to be a more robust LDIF loader in shared-ldap, but the
> one in protocol-shared supports load filters.  

Whar is LoadFilters?

> They could possibly be
> combined at some point.

Yes, very true.

> Or, since we only ever used filters for
> Kerberos, someday we could just delete the protocol-shared LDIF
> classes and adjust core accordingly.

I have to double check, but I think we can safely remove those class, 
with or without improvement in shared/ldap

> Can I make the moves in #1 and/or #2?  Comments?
> Enrique

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