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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] Problems building the installers
Date Sun, 27 May 2007 15:32:11 GMT
David Jencks a écrit :

> Does this really happen even if you have specified the version for  
> each plugin in all poms?  Not specifying the plugin version is  
> certainly an invitation to disaster :-)

I don't agree, David, it's *not* an invitation to disaster, it's a 
direct disaster :) - and we experienced it more than once ... :(

I will just smooth a litte bit the prerequisite : if you use the 
PluginManagement and DependencyManagement sections in the top level 
poms, then you don't need to declare the versions in all the pom. Btw, 
declaring plugins/dependencies in all the poms is also a problem, if you 
have, like we have, around 50 pom files : sooner or later, you will use 
N versions of the same plugin/dependency, something you want to avoid 
like plague ...

Maven is powerfull, but needs a lot of wizdom to be able to avoid all 
the traps you can be caught in... (or maybe a better doco? ;)

IMHO, Emmanuel.

> thanks
> david jencks
> On May 21, 2007, at 10:13 AM, Chris Custine wrote:
>> No, I totally understand.  I just have a bit of a personal thing  
>> about using the maven snapshot repo for plugins because of the  
>> general craziness that results once in a while (like what was  
>> happening with Stefan this weekend).  I think versioning the  plugins 
>> will help for out project, but everyone has to realize that  this can 
>> affect other projects as well, because once the SNAPSHOT  plugin is 
>> downloaded to the local repo, any other project will use  that one 
>> too even if they didn't ask for the snapshot repo for  plugins.  This 
>> is my main compaint with using snapshot repo for  plugins.
>> CC
>> On 5/21/07, Alex Karasulu <> wrote:
>> BTW Chris I may be completely over doing it with the need to  support 
>> a partial build.  I just have
>> had users complain about it when they checked out just an apacheds  
>> branch and tried to compile.
>> However this may be a bit too much perhaps.
>> Alex
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