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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject [Vote] Versionning scheme
Date Fri, 25 May 2007 21:43:53 GMT
Hi guys,

we have had many mails exchanged, many convo at ApacheCon EU this month, 
about which is the best versionning scheme for ADS. Strange enough, 
after a first burst of idea, things just cool down a little bit.

We now have to make a decision, though this vote.

Lately, there was some kind of agreement about this scheme :

- X.0 versions will be stable versions (like 1.0.2)

- X.5 versions will be transitonal versions, which means some more 
featurzes can be included (like 1.5.1)

- (X+1).0 version will be the next stable version (like 2.0.1)

- When (X+1) version is issued, then the X version will be terminated 
(no more evolution, only important bug fixes)

- X.0 and X.5 version might be tested against VSLDAP compliance, if needed

- Data migration between X.0 and (X+1).0 should be automated, when data 
migration between X.0 and X.5 might not be done with a tool.

- But when migrating for X.5 to (X+1).0, then a tool *must* be included 
to guarantee data migration.

Ok, the vote now:

[ ] +1 : This numbering scheme fits me
[ ] +/- 0 : I have no idea, or I don't share this idea, but better this 
one than no scheme
[ ] -1 : Not a good idea.

Please, feel free to comment your choice, because we will have to give 
an explaination to our users !

Thanks a lot !

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