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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: Trunk breakage...
Date Fri, 25 May 2007 19:28:28 GMT
Enrique Rodriguez a écrit :

>> I have commented to failing test :
> Thanks for opening the JIRA issue.  Commenting out the test was the
> right response.

At least, I was able to run the test :)

>> Would you please check what is going wrong with it? I have tested the
>> trunk on mu linux laptop and on my mac OSX, and Alex is experiencing
>> the same breakage.
> This is the issue Alex and I discussed after his review of the SASL
> branch.  The Sun Kerberos provider doesn't allow you to change the
> port (in code), so the integration test needs to bind to port 88
> (Kerberos), which it can't do unless you're root.  We discussed some
> solutions but I didn't get a chance to implement one before the merge.
> We discussed writing a Kerberos client library, for a number of
> reasons, one of which is to allow port selection like we do with the
> LDAP integration tests.  I think the only solution in the short term
> is to set up a profile for this test.

Oh, I remember reading such a thread, but didn't understood how it could 
be related to the problem I had this morning... Now, it make sense.

>> Did you run mvn -Dintegration test before committing? If so, do you
>> use a special configuration we don't use ? (Like W$ or JDK 1.6)
> I ran these tests as root.

Ok, it explain the 'why'. As running the integ test as root is not an 
option, I guess that a profile is mandatory. May be checking that the 
user is root at the beginning of the test could help, or at least that 
he had enough priviledge to open a port on 88.

Hopefully, you will come with a correct solution sooner or later !

Thanks for the explanaition, Enrique, I was afraid that commenting this 
test could weaken the server (integ test are good) buy now I see this 
will be a temporary solution. Anyway, the JIRA will remain until we fix 
it, which is why JIRA are good for ;)


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