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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: LDAPcon 2007
Date Wed, 23 May 2007 17:14:23 GMT
I am really interested in attending this conference. I think we should
present LS there.

Stefan Zoerner schrieb:
> Ersin Er wrote:
>> This is very interesting conference. We can do SP+Trigger, ACI,
>> Embedding/Extending ApacheDS and of course LDAP Studio (must!). We
>> should discuss this seriously.
> We do not know, how big this event will be (number of attendees) --
> seems to be their 1st attempt for this one (1st International Conference
> on LDAP). And please note, that the organizer does not pay travel
> expenses by default. So there is some risk that our efforts are not
> spent efficiently.
> But it is obviously a good chance to talk about ApacheDS/LS and find an
> interested audience.
> Due to the fact, that it is in Germany/Europe:
> @PAM/StefanS, are you able to attend and submit a proposal about LS?
> Just as Ersin pointed out, this is a must. And chances for acceptance
> should be good.
> @Ersin: Are you able to submit something about SP+Triggers, to have a
> Vision thin in our baggage?
> I would be able to attend as well, travel coasts are no problem for me,
> it is not that far and I know some people in Cologne. I would be able to
> submit a proposal about Apache Directory in general, its capabilities
> and strengths etc. But this obviously is something Emmanuel can better do.
> Btw.: For Christine, it would be a home game as well.
> Any travelers from oversees?
> Greetings from Hamburg,
>     Stefan

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