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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS Webapp or not Webapp] was [ApacheDS] Embedded http service part2
Date Mon, 21 May 2007 20:01:22 GMT

Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:

>> Hmmm - So I assume then that
>> that even though the webapp
>> and ADS are running on the same
>> host the webapp that runs with
>> ADS embedded will run faster than the
>> one connecting to ApacheDS via JDNI?
>> I also assume that we're talking a significant
>> improvement like 5 to 10 % faster.
> I would say 5 to 10 times faster.

WHoahhhh!!!  Smoookinnn!!
OK - Lights are starting to
turn on now :-)


  > Yes, this is the perfect scenario. Also consider people who don't want
> to bother with an external LDAP server installation.

Good point as well.

>>> Do you have something else in mind ?

>> The only thing I had in mind was to separate
>> the application layer from the data store,
>> through an integration layer so as to maintain
>> modularity and make each piece appeal to as many
>> people as possible.
> Usually, when you have a webapp and you need to address a LDAP server, 
> it is a separated LDAP server, ADS is bringing this new possibility to 
> embed it. I don't know about another LDAP server which allow you to do 
> so (except OpenDS, AFAIK). So the scenario you are thinking of is the 
> scenario everybody use.
>> For low volume applications like administration, etc.
>> this makes sense because more people can use the webapp,
>> thus more people will be interested in improving it,
>> and performance is a fairly minor consideration.
>> On the other hand if the webapp is a phone directory
>> and gazillions of connections are made per second then
>> maybe embedding is a good thing.  This is why I asked about
>> the percentage gain in performance via embedding vs.
>> JNDI on the same host.
> It is huge. I dind't measured it yet, ut from the profiling session I 
> have done, the ASN.1 codeing/decoding + network layer is really costing 
> a lot.

Wow - OK - It all makes a lot more sense now :-)

> The good thing with ADS is that embedding cost almost nothing, as you 
> communicate with ADS using exactly the same API as the one you will use 
> to communicate with a remote LDAP server : JNDI. In fact, this is 
> totally transparent, except the initialization.

Cool - so it sounds like it's easy to give all developers the best of
both worlds.  Maybe even have thin layer with a a little toggle
for turning embedded ADS on and off, making the webapp appeal
to all developers.

I'm getting a lot more excited.  :-)

Thanks for all the clarification Emmmanuel.
I'm definitely a lot more excited about
the the embedding scenario
now.  Let me crunch this DAS out, and then once that's done I'll try
to do a thin embedding layer with the first DAS sample application.

- Ole

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