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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] Embedded http service part2
Date Mon, 21 May 2007 18:57:57 GMT
Jetty performance/scale is an interesting thing:,1


Alex Karasulu wrote:
> I've been looking into how to embed the http service into ApacheDS so
> applications
> can be built for doing DSML, and exposing various other web applications
> like for
> configuration and self service.
> There are some options here that I thought I should discuss on list
> especially with the
> efforts under way to change the installation layout of the ApacheDS 
> packages
> on Linux.
> First let me clarify what I plan to do.  I will add the http service using
> an embedded Jetty
> instance for now.  The Jetty instance will start up after the directory
> server's core has
> started.  It's startup and configuration will occur in the
> ServerContextFactory which also
> starts the other protocol services.  Obviously the port used will be a
> configurable parameter
> with a smart default which can be overriden with a port number property 
> in a
> HttpServiceConfiguration bean along with other configuration parameters.
> Starting the Jetty server is not all we need to do.  Jetty must be
> configured to serve out
> various web applications most of which will not be provided out of the box
> with the server.
> Some may be but we have none right now.  These webapps need to be 
> configured
> with Jetty
> so it can expose the proper web contexts to be serviced by the web
> applications.  These
> applications can exist on disk somewhere like in a webapps directory.  I
> will make this
> directory a configuration parameter.  What I am wondering is whether this
> parameter should
> be a relative directory relative to the installation base.  Since we're
> changing the way the
> layout will be this may be an issue.  I guess I can make it so this path 
> can
> be relative or
> absolute.
> The server can auto configure any webapps that have been unjarred into this
> directory so
> if a new web application is installed it can be picked up on the next
> startup to enable the
> webapplication.  Any ideas on what to do here or any thoughts?
> Another problem I have here is that some XSDs are needed off the web
> when web applications are installed and wind up breaking the startup if
> there is no inet
> connection.  I can work around this I guess but I have to figure out how.
> So here are the properties that I foresee with their smart defaults in the
> HttpServiceConfiguration
> bean for now:
> port (default 8383)
> webapps (default ${installHome}/webapps})
> ** if a relative path is provided to the webapps property then it is
> presumed to be
>    relative to the installation home.
> Also there may be an additional parameter in the StartupConfiguration that
> enables or disables
> this http service.
> Alex

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