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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS][RPM] Layout and uninstall concerns (was: Re: [Installer] rpm -e update)
Date Thu, 17 May 2007 00:13:00 GMT

Chris Custine wrote:
> Just to clarify a couple of things, the correct dir for ApacheDS data on 
> Linux distros is /var/lib/apacheds.  
> If you look at any install of MySQL 
> or Postgres, they use /var/lib for the base.  

Amen to that.  Here's the FHS Link just to piggy back:
Thanks for solidifying that Chris.

> As far as the instances, 
> this is to support running multiple instances (not versions) of ApacheDS 
> (like different ports, different partition configs, etc.) but all using 
> the same install image in /usr/local.  

Would they run against the same /var/lib data?
If so, could that cause concurrency errors?
Is this mainly for a testing environment?

> I am also working on getting it 
> so that you can run each instance with different JVM parameters or even 
> different JVM's alltogether.  

Now that's cool.

> At this point, I am not addressing 
> multiple versions of ApacheDS on one machine, but if that becomes 
> something that people want we can look at it, however I think the 
> partition DB versioning will be a mess so its probably not worth doing.

Shucks - My totally shooting from the hip thinking
is that the easy part is having
multiple versions of ADS on the same host and
the running multiple instances against the
same repo is the tricky part (I'm assuming they are
running at the same time).

So a host might have installed:

and they all read /var/lib/apacheds/"data-files".
My assumption is that these are not intended
to be run at the same time, and each version
would create the lock file so that the other versions
could not run.

(FHS Lock File Location)

Also /var/lib/apacheds/"data-files" would only
go through an updating process when for example
when upgrading from




the data repository format requirements of


are different from


And in this case the two server versions
would not co-exist on the same host.

- Ole


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