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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS][RPM] Layout and uninstall concerns (was: Re: [Installer] rpm -e update)
Date Wed, 16 May 2007 19:32:40 GMT

This part is only slightly related - but might
be nice to be aware of:

rpm -e WITHOUT first stopping ADS
I fired up ADS, ran some tests, and
then ran rpm -e

This left everything in tact, except
it deleted the apacheds shell script
from /etc/init.d, so when I went to stop
ADS I had to copy the script back from somewhere else.

Then I tried running rpm -e again, and it told me
apacheds is not installed.

All the files are still on my system though.

This sounds a little like an RPM bug or maybe there
is a way to tell RPM "Don't uninstall if I'm running."

rpm -e with stoppage
Same thing as before but I'm stopping ADS this time.
I started ADS, ran tests that added data, stopped it, rpm -e and:

[root@localhost apacheds-1.5.0]# tree
|-- bin
|-- conf
|-- lib
`-- var
     `-- apacheds.lock

> Yeah it should if you did not create partitions.  It should not if you did
> create partitions.  The idea here is not to destroy data you might have
> added while removing the software.

I like this idea :-)

>     When the installer uses the FHS layout,
>     the partitions will be housed in
>     /var/partitions/...
>     which will hopefully make rpm upgrades
>     easy to manage.
> It should probably be /var/apacheds/1.5.x/instanceN/partitions no?

Yes - Right - Something like this.  Sorry I left the apacheds part out...

I think I'd probably leave the version out though if the idea
is to have a a ldap data repository that is cross version compatible...

Hmmm .... instanceN...this seems to imply multiple instances
of ADS (Same version) possible running...I thought the lock file made 
sure only one instance could be run on a host?

Were you maybe thinking multiple instances of different version of

That would probably throw a fork wrench in the idea of leaving the
version number out of the /var/apacheds/ location for the
ldap data repository.

I imagine though that most users would want a single version
installed, and then during an upgrade, they would just upgrade
and the new version uses the same repository.

It could be that the upgrade requires changes to the repository.
Like with subversion we have to do a dump, run some
shell script on the dump, and then put the result back.

> We should separate the data from different versions and different instances
> running off those versions?

That sounds smart.
So the actual ads partition repository is /var/apacheds/

I'm trying to understand the different instances part?  Do
you mean that there are multiple instances of ADS running on the same host?

- Ole

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