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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject [Installer] Reading Over Some Of The Improvement JIRA Notes
Date Wed, 16 May 2007 14:41:12 GMT
Hey Guys,

I went over the RPM Installer Improvement notes
from 749 and noticed this:

the init script fails to run because APACHEDS_USER is set to $USER, 
which is not defined at boot time

When I started ADS I was logged in as "ole" first.

Then I did: su
to become root.

Then I did
./apacheds start

Which leads to the "Permission Denied" exception
when ADS tries to create the rolling log.

Maybe $USER
still gets set to "ole"
instead of "root" since
I did not log
in as root....

I'm 99% sure that's the case, because
after doing "su", if I do
echo $USER the result is "ole"

Anyways as soon as the RPM creates
a system user for apacheds, this gets cleared

- Ole

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