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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: Is there a tool to convert LDAP data to Java bean based on schema
Date Thu, 10 May 2007 18:40:55 GMT
Hi Weijian,

Weijian Fang wrote:
> Hi,


 > I need to read LDAP
> data and convert to Java beans. I can do this manually. But if there is
> a tool able to automatically generate the code based on the LDAP
> schema, it wiil be great!

We are working on a DAS for LDAP
(See Tuscany RDB DAS)

This tool will be able to start with an XML Schema,
write the corresponding LDAP Schema, and perform CRUD with
SDO DataGraph instances (Effectively object graphs where
each object has a change summary for fast updates, etc.)

So you will be able to go from XML Schema to LDAP.
If you write a tool that generates the XML Schema
from the LDAP Schema, then you have what you are
searching for, once the DAS is complete.

You will be able to go from/to XML Schema/LDAP Schema,
and have a Apache Licensed (Tuscany) or Eclipse Licensed (EMF)
to work with.

We are hanging on some Exceptions with the new
Schema Capabilities new in 1.5.0, so it may be a little
while before the DAS is done, but once these are cleared,
it should go very quickly.

- Ole

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