Hi all,

I want to invite all our users and committers to join us at ApacheCon EU 2007 in Amsterdam
as we congregate to discuss various aspects of development and community here at
Apache Directory.

I have compiled a list of topics for discussion which may or may not be discussed.  Better
to have a full list to select from I say.  We can add to his list via confluence and elaborate
on some of the conversations we have after AC to keep those not attending the conference
up to date.

So take a look at the following page here and see if we should add some more to it:


Also note that you don't have to attend the hackathon to tap us on the shoulder and
start talking to us.  Might be nice to have some badges or stickers so you can
pick us out in the crowd.  In general though it's a good idea to bring all conversations
back to the ML or to confluence so others can share in the discussion.

BTW perhaps we should get a sound off on who is going to AC/EU 2007.  I know the
following people will be there

Emmanuel Lecharny
Pierre Marcelot
Stefan Seelmann
Alex Karasulu
Stefan Zoerner
Christine Koppelt

Am I missing anyone?

Hope to see you all there!