Hi Stefan,

On 4/20/07, Stefan Zoerner <stefan@labeo.de> wrote:
Hi all!

I have started a little text for newbies on how to add custom elements
to the schema with the help of the new schema subsystem of ApacheDS.
First of all: I works fine to add elements with standard JNDI methods,
well done, Alex!

Thanks :).

My first attempts for the text can be found here:


Cool doco as usual Stefan.

I plan to make this an introduction section to the schema topic in the
Advanced User's Guide of ApacheDS 1.5, although there is obviously still
some work to do. Any feedback on the current structure and state of the
section is therefore highly appreciated! I am a newbie on this schema
subsystem as well.

Sure I will take a good pass on the doco and see if I can help out.

SNIP ...

Should I use obvious fun data like and, describe
the idea of OIDs and that a user should normally obtain a unique
starting point?

Or should I use something which starts with and add
it on the list. Perhaps we can add a branch for documentation examples.

What do you think?

Yeah this is a good idea.  I added a schema OID branch for the doco
examples schema specifically for this purpose.  Here is where we manage this


So your branch for documentation examples is: