On 4/19/07, Ole Ersoy <ole.ersoy@gmail.com> wrote:

Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:

> because he started this project.
> When he says "don't", I back him, just because Alex is 99% right, when
> i'm only 50%. I won't fight for the 1%, if it's not important.

My philosophy is to make sure I'm clearly understood and if I see
something where I think the rationale is off I point it out.

I back "I understand your rationale, but like it like this so don't
change it".  That's fine.
It's ok to agree to disagree :-)

Please, please do so.  This is important and voices should not be quieted for any reason especially by us old farts that have done things one way for so long that we might not see anything better.  You're a proponent for change and we need that.

> Now, we can discuss things, but this is not because we don't agree that
> you are right. (Churchill)
>      >
>      > I should have asked Alex before telling you to move on. My bad.
>      >
>     True.
> Yep. Shit happens. We do mistake, all of us. I'm sorry if you have to
> revert code you have already changed, and spoiled time.

No biggie.  It's a very trivial change.  I think we just thought Alex
was on board, because the boat was docked for a long time, but we are all
busy and don't necessarily see all the mails right away, ces't la vie.

Yeah NP let's just forge ahead bro.  We have too many issues to fixate on these small matters and sh*t just happens.