Hi all,

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> PS. There are two unwritten rules you should always think about before
> proposing a change :
> - if it's not broken, don't fix it
> - respect existing conventions even if you don't like them

Emmanuel, initially you liked the suggested change.
David seems to like it as well.  The reason
I'm mentioning this  is above you are saying

I said, 'do it', then alex said don't. And he explained why. I respect Alex rationals, and I may have said 'do' a little bit too quickly. My bad.

We no you did ok Emmanuel.  This is why we have a community.  We all may not consider all the ramifications. 

Stefan Seelman I just noted responded with a very valid concern.  Why change a public interface out of a whim when other's may depend on it.  He's right and his justification for not making the changes were more compelling than mine.  I just don't want to type more or have to break up lines of code with big constants rather than logic in the code.  LAPTOP screen realestate is limiting for me.

But back to Emmanuel's 'do it'.  This is fine.  We all need to speak our minds and there is nothing wrong with that ... things need to be put on the table right?  And objectors must stand up and object supplying their rational.  So don't worry we took care of it.

> - respect existing conventions even if you don't like them

What does that mean exactly (In terms of the current context)?

This is a general rule, and it's not targeting you. It's for everyone, me included. The perfect example is that I should not have told you 'go' without asking Alex before. 

Again I think you did what you thought was right and that's ok. 

Also, if it's not broken don't fix is VERY ambiguous.
Lets just stick to facts and concepts ok?  Communicate clearly
and simply with examples if necessary.

Just a general sentence. I try to say 'focus on serious issues'. We are still waiting the RPM packager you promized month ago, and DAS is serious business too. Don't get lost in small details. Keep the good work on, keep focus on DAS, you are close to a good solution, I think.

Yes I agree with this completely.  This not a critical issue but after Stefan Seelmann's commentary I will have to agree that we must not change these public constants without the deprecation process.

BTW Ole the DAS stuff you're doing is very cool.  I hope this little disagreement does not take focus away from that.  That is a serious matter for us all and the convention for constant naming is not.

You said do it.  Alex said don't do it.

This is a democracy.  We all have to agree before
something is done.  That means we have to discuss
it and make sure everyone has clearly understood each other's

Sometime it's a litle bit more complicated. This is a meritocracy. Alex merit is enormous, and we should respect that. Even if he is wrong, he deserves respect. We all owe him a lot, because he started this project. When he says "don't", I back him, just because Alex is 99% right, when i'm only 50%. I won't fight for the 1%, if it's not important.

Well I do want people to leverage my experience in this stuff to do the right thing.  Not just to listen to me.  I want people to challenge my ideas and I am wrong several times.  So without that I can mislead this project.  Please keep questioning but please read and try to absorb what I am saying instead of overlooking my comments.