Yep this is a bug.  Good catch Stefan.  I think the fix for this is really easy though.  All we have to do is check and see if the OID is taken in the OID registry and throw an exception in the handling code.

We should also do other checks like to see if any of the aliases for the schema objects are also being used and if so take the same course of action with a detailed error message in the thrown exception.


On 4/17/07, Stefan Zoerner <> wrote:
Hi Emmanuel!

Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> it's good to see you back :) I guess you were pretty busy with day job ...

Unfortunately, you are right. And I have started to write the third
edition of my German LDAP book.

>     During some additions of new attribute types and object classes, I found
>     a behavior for which I am not sure whether it is an error: I was able to
>     add a new object class and a new attribute type with the same OID
>     value.

> Sounds bad :(

It took me longer than I thought to find the first error. The system
seems to be very solid at a first glance.

> Yeah, we deserved a JIRA here, I think...
> Thanks for having found this nasty bug !

I will do some further tests and raise it soon.