Hmmmm the creatorsName should not be empty.  I guess you're talking about the set in which this data is added to the pre-loaded schema partition then loaded at startup.  You definately need a creators name and I as default just use the administrators DN.

If this is not being set I think we have a problem.  It was being done before but if it is not now we have to fix this bug.


On 4/13/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:

as I'm adding SyntaxCheckers into the server (1.5.1) some tests are failing because the principal is empty, and as it's used as the creatorName, we get an error .

DN may be empty (the rootDSE DN is empty), but I'm just wondering why we do have empty creatorsName, and if it's simply allowed.

Any idea ?

Emmanuel Lécharny