Hi Emmanuel,

This package was created a long time ago at Enrique's request to build a prefs OSGi service where the preferences are backed by the DIT. 

BTW this implements a Preferences object which is the in the java.util.prefs package.  I think this stuff might come in handy for unstructured pref storage.

However we need to determine exactly what our course will be for the usage of the DIT for configuration information.  Also we need to figure out how useful this is for the OSGi effort.


On 4/13/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:

while working on SyntaxCheckers, I get caught in a nasty problem with the classes of this package. The question is : do we need it?
I see no places in the server where we use or instanciate those classes, so a blind guess is that those classes are remaining for historical reasons (may be they were used years ago).

The problem I currently have is that when you store a byteArray into a Preferences, it is transformed to a base64 String, which is not accepted by the server.

Right now, I have commented the failing test ( testCreateAndSetByteArray ) - which was incorrect anyway, because we didn't stored a byteArray but a String in this test - so that the regression tests can work.

I'm waiting for some heads up before going for more drastic solution s(like removing the package), because I may have missed something important (I don't know this part oif the server)

Thanks !

Emmanuel Lécharny