Yeah I agree that we have two apposing things to engineer around.  OSGi pushes to more jars and most users will want one for the whole project.  I think we can achieve both goals with a little maven magic.

We just need this before we start moving in the path of breaking up jars into more jars.  It will be nice to just have a single assembly for ApacheDS distributed with maven.  I think the server-main was supposed to do this but we're not uploading the assembly to the m2 repo but the compiled empty artifact.  We definitely need to fix this project so users can just us it with one jar.  Perhaps we might change it's name to best indicate this fact?

WDYT about calling it something like apacheds-all or apacheds-complete?


On 4/13/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
Alex Karasulu a écrit :

> We're actually going to be going in the opposite direction with OSGi
> when we
> break things down into fine grained services.  We may reach 100 jars
> if we
> do it right.

I don't think that this direction is incompatible with another target,
which is a packaged version (and this is the target I was talking about
in this JIRA)

> We can use an assembly to create one jar if that makes people happy.  But
> this JIRA is a waste considering our direction.

Make people happy seems important to me :)
Just consider that micro-decision (like create an hundred of jars for
internal reasons) should not be opposed to macro-decision (packaging the
server in a couple of jars for people hapiness), but it's obviously
another task for us (vreating the pckages, managing them, ect...).

I personnaly think that delivering a server composed of an hundred of
jars for technical reasons like OSGI, and to impose this choice to user
to be just a wrong move. Not that OSGI is the bad direction, but users
should not be aware of that if they don't want to be.

Of course, I just express my very own opinion here, not the project
opinion. We will have to discuss this point, for sure !