Hi all,

Just for the record I'm not trying to slam Ole but all of us for the mess that is shared-ldap: myself included.  Ole just triggered this thought.

Let  me start by saying shoving code into shared-ldap has to stop.  We have so much crap in there because many of us don't stop and check if the utility code we're putting in there has not already been implemented.  So Ole, and everyone else please check if what you have written is already there.  Learn what shared-ldap contains and if the junk in there cannot be understood ask about it.  Demand that the mess gets cleaned up.

shared-ldap is huge.  It's gotten to be the largest artifact we product I think at this point.  There is vestigial code in there that needs to be removed as well.  I think when we get to a point where we start to re-factor somethings we should focus on cleaning up this place.

Before taking on nice little refactoring projects in the server we should focus on cleaning up this place.  Why?  Because no one wants to clean up this area since it's not rewarding.

I also don't want to see the rest of the server look like this bad example.  If those who made the mess don't clean it up then the mess spreads to other places.


On 4/12/07, Ole Ersoy <ole.ersoy@gmail.com> wrote:
Ah - Cool - I'll have a looksee.

I wrote some DIT navigation
utility methods.  Maybe we can shove them
in there.  Hopefully it's new material :-)