Yep it just keeps better now that we can compliment the server with some serious tooling.  If you have any suggestions, feedback or ideas please feel free to ping us.  You're one of our first users so you get some priority :).


On 4/11/07, Mark Swanson <> wrote:
Stefan Seelmann wrote:
> Hi Mark,
>> I created a custom partition and schema for 1.0, and it works fine.
>> I now tried to update to 1.5 and am lost.
>> I searched through the archives and need to know how to add my schema
>> statically or dynamically starting with OpenLDAP schema definitions.
>> Any pointers on how to do this for 1.5 would be greatly appreciated.
> You could use the LDAP Studio Schemas Editor to open your OpenLDAP
> schema file, then you could export this schema for ApacheDS 1.5. The
> export function creates an LDIF with all the dynamic schema entries,
> just import it into ADS.
> I hope that helps.

Cool. I didn't know the Studio Schemas Editor could export in a format
usable for 1.5. Or even open an LDAP schema file for that matter. I also
see the tools import ldif feature now. Lots of neat stuff in 1.5 it seems.


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