I did intend what I wrote.  An RDN does not necessarily mean one name component.  The use of multiple RDN attributes is another dimension all together.  I'm sure that's going to give Ole a headache :).  A name component can have multiple attributes used as Emmanuel states but this is not what I meant.

I've seen RDN referred to as a general term to describe a part of a DN even if it is composed of more than one name component.  In the server code I have often named variables rdn and do not consider them to be of length 1.  Sometimes the RDN can be greater than 1 in length.


On 4/10/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:
Alex Karasulu a écrit :

> Ole,
> Also note that an RDN can be more than one name component in the DN.
> It can
> be multiple name components as long as it is relative to some context.
> For
> example if your context is dc=example,dc=com then you can have an RDN of
> cn=oersory,ou=users.  This is two name components but it's still relative
> hence it's an RDN.

I guess that Alex wanted to write 'cn=oersoy+ou=users'.
'cn=oersory,ou=users' is not a RDN, it's a DN composed of two RDNs.
Basically, DN = (RDN)*.

The rigthmost part of a DN is, well, the rightmost part. It MAY be the
root of a partition, if it has be declared as so in the server.xml file
(and then it can't be split).


> The terminology is a bit weird this way.
> Alex