Also note that an RDN can be more than one name component in the DN.  It can be multiple name components as long as it is relative to some context. For example if your context is dc=example,dc=com then you can have an RDN of cn=oersory,ou=users.  This is two name components but it's still relative hence it's an RDN.

The terminology is a bit weird this way. 


On 4/10/07, Ole Ersoy <ole.ersoy@gmail.com> wrote:

Cool - I'll just use rightmost segment then.

Here's the Design Guide Snipped where I'm using it,
in case I some other terminology makes more sense:
Then the last object on the list is capitalized, such that it matches
the name of the root DataObject's Type.  Using the created list
the string that is the base DN is written.  Note that the
rightmost segment <i>ou=com</i> of the DN uses the attribute label
<i>ou</i>.  Thus when a new server partition for <i>com</i> is
added, it must use the attribute label <i>ou</i>.

- Ole