Stefan is absolutely correct here.  Take a minute and start ADS 1.5.0 and use LDAP Studio to browse the schema partition (ou=schema).  By browsing this partition you'll see the proper patterns required. 


On 4/9/07, Stefan Seelmann <> wrote:
Hi Ole,

> When adding a new ObjectClass to the Schema
> named "org.apache.tuscany.User"

An objectClass or attributeType name must be an OID (object identifier),
that is defined as follows in RFC4512:
  oid = descr / numericoid
  descr = keystring
  keystring = leadkeychar *keychar
  leadkeychar = ALPHA
  keychar = ALPHA / DIGIT / HYPHEN
  numericoid = number 1*( DOT number )
  ... and so on

So your name could be either something like

> is this how I do the DN?:
> DN: objectClass=org.apache.tuscany.User, ou=objectClasses, ou=Schema

The DNs of the other objectclases in the schema looks like this:

So I would recommend to create your own schema suffix under ou=schema
where you could put the DAS schema. Here is an example in LDIF format,
how this could look like:

dn: cn=ecore,ou=schema
objectClass: metaSchema
objectClass: top
cn: ecore
m-dependencies: core
m-dependencies: system

dn: ou=objectClasses,cn=ecore,ou=schema
objectClass: organizationalUnit
objectClass: top
ou: objectClasses

dn: m-oid= ,ou=objectClasses,cn=ecore,ou=schema
objectClass: metaObjectclass
objectClass: metaTop
objectClass: top
m-description: org.apache.tuscany.User
m-must: cn
m-name: org-apache-tuscany-User
m-obsolete: FALSE
m-supObjectClass: top
m-typeObjectClass: AUXILIARY

BTW, the new schema feature is really cool. Once you have created the
"ou=objectClasses,cn=ecore,ou=schema" entry you could add new schema
elements by adding simple string values to cn=schema:

dn: cn=schema
changetype: modify
add: objectClasses
objectClasses: ( NAME 'org-apache-tuscany-User'
DESC 'org.apache.tuscany.User' SUP top AUXILIARY MUST cn
X-SCHEMA 'ecore' )