Hi Mehmet,

On 4/10/07, "Mehmet D. Akżn" <mdakin@pardus.org.tr> wrote:

We are planning to write a management application in which we need to
manipulate and query data on a LDAP server. Things like user, groups
computer and software configurations  will be in the repository and our
program will be a graphical user interface to manipulate and query these
specific data. (Something like Microsoft's Active directory console, but
ours will be for a Linux distro..)

Sounds to me like you're looking to use LDAP Studio for specific functionality rather than using it as a general LDAP tool.  Seems like your needs are similar to Microsoft Management Console plugins.

I had this idea a while back too.  We can add specific plugins to LS to allow it to serve more specific purposes.  For example in your case we could build a plugin that allows for user, group management.  Other specific plugins can be designed to manage other entities in the directory.

Additively these plugins can be used as a management console to a centralized directory used by various operating systems to centralize accounts, groups etc by using things like the nis schema.

IMO this idea is very easy to manifest in LDAP studio.  I think Emmanuel's response to you is in line with my comments here. 

For these reason I urge you to work with us and build these new additional plugins into LS here at the Directory Project.  We need more people involved with LS and your needs fall in line with our aims.