This email is my last message to the community with my PMC Chair hat on.

For some time now I wanted to step down from the position of PMC Chair so the position
can be cycled among those on our PMC.  With the vibrant growth of our community and
a strong PMC I finally feel comfortable doing so.  For the record I'm not going anywhere
except fishing on occasion :). I intend to participate on the PMC and work hard on progressing
all Apache Directory projects so they're the best in each of their domains.  View this
evolutionary step as a sign of how healthy our community has become.  Really it's a
proud day for me. 

After announcing my intention to resign, I asked the PMC to recommend a candidate
to the board for V.P. of the Directory Project.  Emmanuel Lecharny was unanimously
chosen.  In their last official meeting the board approved the resolution to make Emmanuel
the V.P. of Apache Directory.

Emmanuel has been among us forever.  I think he began contributing before we left the incubator.
He's probably answered several of your questions and fixed numerous issues and added many
features into ApacheDS.  Let me not overlook the fact that he has helped forge MINA, LDAP
Studio and Triplesec.  He is equally concerned with every project we've had here.  Most importantly
he's been a sturdy rock in our community, helping it grow and overcome it's problems.  He
understands the value of community over just the code alone.  Emmanuel once said to me, "Open Source is not
a technical phenomenon but a social one.  The code just gives us a reason to come together."
Of course he misspelled phenomenon :).  Seriously I don't know where we would be today without
his presence.  Emmanuel will make an ideal Chair, and we're very lucky to have him.

So, everyone, let's welcome him with a big applause!

Alex Karasulu