Cool I like miller time :).


On 4/6/07, Ole Ersoy <> wrote:

Alex Karasulu wrote:
> Restart? With all that OSGi stuff can't I just drop it in there and go?
John - Alex has a feature request.
Have it ready by tomorrow OK!
> Will take a look shortly and thanks for persisting with this hard subject.
Thanks for hanging with.  It's a lot easier when there is a massive
community of talented individuals to lean on and let's remember ApacheDS
1.5.0 which makes everything possible!!  Yeah Baaaabyyy, I like itt
liike Thattt!!

I think we are pretty darn close.  I hope to start coding unit tests
Saturday.  Since this is pretty similar to the Ecore2Ecore stuff,
that should go pretty fast, and then we need to add a query capability
to filter SDO objects and then it's Miller Time.