Short answer is no.  Long answer is no as well :).  Basically there is only one LDAP schema entity namespace shared across all entity names.  What does this mean? Not only does two attributeTypes have to have different aliases (names like commonName and cn rather than OIDs), an objectClass cannot have the same alias name as the attributeType either.

You cannot have a foo attributeType and a foo objectClass (or syntax, or matchingRule, or attributeType, or dITStructureRule, or dITContentRule etc.)

Kinda sucks don't it?


On 4/5/07, Ole Ersoy <> wrote:
Originally I assumed that I can have two AttributeType
entries with the same name,
since we also assign unique OIDs to AttributeType entries.

Then when I looked at how an ObjectClass
is defined, it has code like this:

ldapAttributes.put( MetaSchemaConstants.M_MUST_AT, "baseDN" );
ldapAttributes.put( MetaSchemaConstants.M_MAY_AT, "optionalOPP" );

So it seems like it's using the name of the AttributeType
rather than the OID, which would mean that the name also
has to be unique?

So instead of "baseDN" I would have to specify
in order to guarantee that the name is unique.

Does that sound right?

- Ole