Hi Stefan,

I would like to upgrade the shared-ldap in the ldapstudio-jars plugin to
0.9.7-SNAPSHOT because there are some improvments in the
BaseSubtreeSpecification#printToBuffer method that are necessary for the
ACI editor and the subtreeSpecification editor.

Sure, go ahead... ;)

But I saw that you removed the 0.9.7-SNAPSHOT last Friday from the
dependencies. I just want to ask you if there are any problems with the
new shared-ldap in other plugins?

No, there was no problem at all. I have just cleaned the dependencies repository.
As you may have seen, I integrated the shared-ldap dependency into the ldapstudio-jars project, so that every project in LS can use shared-ldap.
I'm sure using the shared-ldap-0.9.7-SNAPSHOT won't be a problem.
Let's upgrade to the latest build.