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From "Emmanuel Lecharny" <>
Subject Re: [Shared] shared-ldap is a mess (was: Re: [JNDI] Utility Library)
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2007 11:38:50 GMT
Alex is plain right. Shared-ldap is a mess, and I feel culprit about the
part I have added into it.

At some point, we should realize that fixing such a pile of sh*t is like
trying to cure cancer with aspirin...

However, as we will have to live with it for a little more time (say we can
have a clean shared-ldap for 1.6), we should avoid as much as possible to
add some more code, some more classes and some more aspirin ...

I will suggest that we put a new JIRA (cleaning shared-ldap) and start
working on it just after ApacheCon EU. We can also drop some thoughts and
proposal on a wiki page (Refactoring Shared-ldap) in the meanwhile.

Many people want to use a clean API to interact with the server, and I must
say I feel ashamed when I exhibit shared-ldap... Those guys working on
LdapStudio are suffering every day because of this API.

Let's clean the mess.


On 4/13/07, Alex Karasulu <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just for the record I'm not trying to slam Ole but all of us for the mess
> that is shared-ldap: myself included.  Ole just triggered this thought.
> Let  me start by saying shoving code into shared-ldap has to stop.  We
> have so much crap in there because many of us don't stop and check if the
> utility code we're putting in there has not already been implemented.  So
> Ole, and everyone else please check if what you have written is already
> there.  Learn what shared-ldap contains and if the junk in there cannot be
> understood ask about it.  Demand that the mess gets cleaned up.
> shared-ldap is huge.  It's gotten to be the largest artifact we product I
> think at this point.  There is vestigial code in there that needs to be
> removed as well.  I think when we get to a point where we start to re-factor
> somethings we should focus on cleaning up this place.
> Before taking on nice little refactoring projects in the server we should
> focus on cleaning up this place.  Why?  Because no one wants to clean up
> this area since it's not rewarding.
> I also don't want to see the rest of the server look like this bad
> example.  If those who made the mess don't clean it up then the mess spreads
> to other places.
> Alex
> On 4/12/07, Ole Ersoy <> wrote:
> >
> > Ah - Cool - I'll have a looksee.
> >
> > I wrote some DIT navigation
> > utility methods.  Maybe we can shove them
> > in there.  Hopefully it's new material :-)
> >

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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