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From "Alan D. Cabrera" <>
Subject Re: [Announcement] Emmanuel Lecharny is our new PMC Chair (Directory V.P.)
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2007 16:51:41 GMT
Congrats Emmanuel!

Many thanks Alex for your leadership on this project.


On Apr 6, 2007, at 12:18 PM, Alex Karasulu wrote:

> Hello,
> This email is my last message to the community with my PMC Chair  
> hat on.
> For some time now I wanted to step down from the position of PMC  
> Chair so the position
> can be cycled among those on our PMC.  With the vibrant growth of  
> our community and
> a strong PMC I finally feel comfortable doing so.  For the record  
> I'm not going anywhere
> except fishing on occasion :). I intend to participate on the PMC  
> and work hard on progressing
> all Apache Directory projects so they're the best in each of their  
> domains.  View this
> evolutionary step as a sign of how healthy our community has  
> become.  Really it's a
> proud day for me.
> After announcing my intention to resign, I asked the PMC to  
> recommend a candidate
> to the board for V.P. of the Directory Project.  Emmanuel Lecharny  
> was unanimously
> chosen.  In their last official meeting the board approved the  
> resolution to make Emmanuel
> the V.P. of Apache Directory.
> Emmanuel has been among us forever.  I think he began contributing  
> before we left the incubator.
> He's probably answered several of your questions and fixed numerous  
> issues and added many
> features into ApacheDS.  Let me not overlook the fact that he has  
> helped forge MINA, LDAP
> Studio and Triplesec.  He is equally concerned with every project  
> we've had here.  Most importantly
> he's been a sturdy rock in our community, helping it grow and  
> overcome it's problems.  He
> understands the value of community over just the code alone.   
> Emmanuel once said to me, "Open Source is not
> a technical phenomenon but a social one.  The code just gives us a  
> reason to come together."
> Of course he misspelled phenomenon :).  Seriously I don't know  
> where we would be today without
> his presence.  Emmanuel will make an ideal Chair, and we're very  
> lucky to have him.
> So, everyone, let's welcome him with a big applause!
> Regards,
> Alex Karasulu

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