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From "Enrique Rodriguez" <>
Subject [SASL] [Doco] SASL and revamped protocol configuration docs
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2007 01:16:22 GMT
Hi, Directory developers,

As part of the SASL branch work and the overhaul of protocol provider
configuration, I revamped the protocol-provider doco in the sandbox.
I combined what, IIRC, was old maven site doco and the new Spring XML
config doco into consolidated doco in the Sandbox:

There's a page with an overview of changes for 1.5.1 as well as pages
for changes to each of the protocol providers w.r.t. parameters now
exposed by Spring XML config.  Each protocol has a page under it for
configuration.  IMO, whenever there is a UG or AUG for 1.5.1, this
little hierarchy of docs can move to which ever guide.


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