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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject [Testing] Automated Method Testing Project
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2007 13:46:21 GMT
Hey Guys,

This just came across the wire
on the junit mailing list:

It looks like a phenomenal start at automated
method testing work that I mentioned a while
back, in conjunction with the "Class + Class Helper"
pattern, which we also discussed on the JUnit mailing list here
for those interested:

Here is brief excerpt from their documentation (Which has very 
impressive depth):

You want to be advantaged by Test Driven Development (TDD) techniques in 
a cost-effective manner.

Effective application design includes the notion of “testability”.  The 
“Automated Method Test” pattern provides an alternative to custom 
hand-coded unit tests for a subset of functional methods.  Authoring 
hard-coded tests leads to several representative challenges:

·         Volume - The volume of test code can exceed the volume of 
functional code.

·         Effort – The effort expended on test code can exceed the 
effort expended on functional code.

·         Cost - The long-term cost of servicing test code can exceed 
the cost expended on functional code.

Might be worth it for us to keep a close eye on this.

- Ole

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