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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: "Getting Started" for Schema Subsystem (first draft)
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2007 14:46:03 GMT
Aron Sogor wrote:
> This is Great!
> Can you add something about how to bootstrap this schema with server.xml 
> too.
> I would love to know it :), and for people bundling DS it would be 
> valuable.
Hi Aron,

Thanks for your feedback!

This is a good idea, although I am thinking about splitting the document 
in different sections. It is becoming longer and longer ...

Unfortunately, I am not an export for the schema subsystem and have to 
learn on my own, how to accomplish this requirement.

I assume, that it is not possible to simply add an element to server.xml 
which points to sevenSeas.schema and the server automatically starts 
with it.

One option would be to build the server yourself, and include your own 
*.schema in the list of the bootstrapped schemas, for an example see 
directory apacheds/trunk/schema-extras (schemas are in 

Does any developer have an idea which would work without rebuiling the 
server? Pointing to the generated LDIF-file perhaps with some component 

Greetings from Hamburg,
     Stefan Z

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