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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: [Request] A Interview Request from Syracuse University OSS Research Group
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2007 23:07:25 GMT
Hey Emmanuel,

Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> Hi Ole
>> Ole Ersoy a écrit :
>> <snip/>
>> I think this will be most useful
>> to the Apache Directory group
>> if the questions are asked
>> through the mailing list.
> <snip/>
> I think the point is not to be 'usefull to the ADS group', but to 
> fulfill some research they are doing.

The point is that it's possible to
for them to be useful to us, and for
us to be useful to them.  It's called
a win win.

> They drive the research, they choose the media. 

They communicated on the list.
I communicated on the list.

They asked for help.  I made a suggestion
that I thought would be beneficial to us all.

> This ML is focused on 
> dev discussion, and exchanging dozens of off-topic mails here would 
> harms the 200 subscribed people. 

You are entitled to your opinion.  From what I could tell, it
sounded like the questions would benefit everyone
on this list, because they are targeted at the dynamics
of this developer group.

How does it harm the 200?

> If they prefer interviews, fine. If you 
> don't want to answer or participate, fine again. What I would just ask 
> from her is of course a feedback, when the research is over !

I said I would participate and I outlined the conditions.

Thanks for the enlightenment.

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