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From Aron Sogor <>
Subject Re: JBoss deployment
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2007 18:57:57 GMT
So the point is that I did not do that with the old sar.

I just assembled /server-main and that surgically removed stuffed.

What I would need is help to tell me how to do the SAME thing as 
/server-main mvn assembly:assmeble
with -sf4jlog4j NOT sf4jnlog4j
and omit log4j out of the packaging.
How do I do that?(I need maven help)

sar does some other crazy Mojo in Maven, I did not even use it.

Alex Karasulu wrote:
> On 4/25/07, *Aron Sogor* < 
> <>> wrote:
>     Based on old postings I got it working.
> Oh good.  
>     I have replaced sfl4j-nlog with sf4j-log4j api and got rid of any
>     org.log4j.*classes from the final jar build in server-main.
>     This deploys snug as an MBean without exception, I was able to
>     bind too.
> Nicely done.  You got patches to make the JBoss Sar work with these 
> discoveries?
>     Question how it integrate that to Maven?
>     Any interest?
> Hmmm don't know if I understand your question or your intent.  Can you 
> elaborate?
> Alex

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