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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: [Request] A Interview Request from Syracuse University OSS Research Group
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2007 18:27:38 GMT
Hey Guys,

Alex Karasulu wrote:
> Hi Ole, Yeliz, Qing,
> On 4/25/07, *Ole Ersoy* < 
> <>> wrote:
>     Hi Yeliz,
>     Sounds interesting.
>     I think this will be most useful
>     to the Apache Directory group
>     if the questions are asked
>     through the mailing list.
> These are not technical discussions and not central to our community's 
> operation so there is no need to enforce the use of the ML.

Only stated my opinion.

> You need to 
> chill out with pushing that indiscriminately.  I appreciate your 
> diligence however to keep all technical discussions on the list however 
> there's no need to force these nice folks interested in analyzing us to 
> keep their interviews for a study public on the ML.  You're going to 
> scare them off.

Why is that?

>     That way everyone gets a real time
>     reflection of thoughts about this.
> They may like to ask some private questions and that's fine.  You don't 
> have a right to constrain their choice of a medium.  

I have the right to make suggestions.

> There may be other 
> human expressions they look for besides those that can be conveyed via 
> email.

That's why I said that I will answer questions
that need to be asked in private, but I will
need justification for why they need to be asked
in private.

>     I think your hypothesis is a good
>     one and a natural one.
>     When people work in teams it helps
>     a great deal if everyone uses similar
>     conventions and processes, so that when
>     tasks need to be transitioned, they can
>     be picked up by other team members
>     with minimum required effort.
>     I think the "Convention over Configuration"
>     principle captures the idea nicely.
>     So I'll be glad to answer questions on the mailing list. 
> That's your personal medium of choice and this is fine but in no way are 
> Qing and Yeliz required to do that with everyone.  This is not critical 
> to what we do here day in and day out with the code or the community.

It's my opinion that this medium will be the best for this community,
for the reasons I stated.

>     If there are questions that must be asked in a non-public
>     forum, I'll be glad to answer those through regular email,
>     but I would need detailed justification for why they
>     need to be non-public.
> Fine for you but  this is your personal choice and Qing and Yeliz should 
> not feel as though everyone requests this.

Absolutely.  It's just my personal recommendation for the process.


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