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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Why is SchemaService so low in the interceptors stack?
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2007 07:01:05 GMT
Hi guys !

I have just a formal question : why can't we call the SchemaService 
earlier ? The stack is usually the following :
- normalizationService (N°1, plain normal)
- authenticationService (N°2, make sense too)
- referralService
- authorizationService
- defaultAuthorizationService ( difference from the previous service ?)
- exceptionService ( what is it used for ?)
- operationalAttributeService
- schemaService <-- here we check that the entry is consistent
... (other services)

I wonder if we shouldn't acll schemaService just after the 

Why do I ask this question? Because while fixing some code in 
AuthorizationService, I found that we are doing some checks that are 
delegated to the schemaService. Typically, we are controling the 
existence of an attributeType, and if not present, we check that this AT 
is not requested by the MUST attribute of a specific ObjectClass. This 
has two main drawbacks :
- we do the check twice (should not be a big deal though, because the 
test is pretty fast, but anyway
- we are doing a wrong test : it's not enough to check that a specific 
OC (here, it's the AccessControlSubentry OC) is not in the OC list for 
this entry, because many other OC can contain this tested attribute

Ok, this is something very unlikely, but this can be seen as a potential 

Now, I'm not sure that if we put the schemaService higher, it won't 
break the whole server. So my question. If it's not possible, then I see 
no other solution than to fix the AuthorizationService code (TupleCache 
class) :)


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