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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [DAS] Type's ObjectClass Entry
Date Sun, 22 Apr 2007 07:22:43 GMT
Ole Ersoy a écrit :

> Hey Guys,
> When defining the Type ObjectClass
> entry I use
> m-may to define simple properties that are optional
> and m-must to define simple properties that
> are required.
> Then I need to define the ObjectClass's
> Complex Properties.
> So I need something like
> m-complexMay and m-complexMust.
> Looking at current meta ObjectClasses,
> I would think it makes sense to create another
> meta ObjectClass that has these attributes,
> possibly called metaSDOObjectClass?
> Thoughts?

Meta attributes are by no means intended to be used to describe user's 
defined elements. They are used to describe elements used internally by 
the server to deal with the schema itself. Think about meta-schema as 
metaData in a RDBMS

We won't add a m-xxx element. Just add the attribute/objectclass you 
need, it's not a problem, you will have to create a new schema (a little 
bit like the java.schema schema). This is the way to go.


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